In Silico Solutions

Life Science organisations continue to face the challenge of developing products that are safe, effective, and financially feasible.

Answers to valuable scientific questions often reside in a range of data sources, in different file and data formats, internal and external to an organisation. The Instem Scientific business unit has many years’ experience in developing tools for extracting and combining the relevant information from carefully-chosen sources, and distributing it to specialist applications for maximum insight.

Our highly configurable file and information management platforms provide “big data” scale environments for identifying, capturing and integrating data sources. Fundamental to our philosophy is the idea of data re-modelling, in which data captured for one application is repurposed to serve another. Using our toolsets, organisations are able to identify patterns and trends in their data, generating new knowledge and actionable insight.

KnowledgeScan logo

KnowledgeScan is an informatics-based service for investigating and addressing unexpected safety concerns that arise during drug development. KnowledgeScan combines specialist investigators, powerful information technology, and transparent, systematic and comprehensive analytical workflows to provide a cost-effective alternative, or supplement, to our clients’ in-house capabilities.

Computational Toxicology

Our leading computational toxicology products and services, originally developed by Leadcope Inc., and now part of the Instem solution portfolio, are helping organizations around the globe to unlock valuable knowledge contained in both public and proprietary sources of research data.  Our advanced informatics and prediction technology, along with database solutions, enable clients to accelerate the drug discovery and development process to predict toxicity and perform expert reviews for genetic toxicity, skin sensitization, carcinogenicity, acute toxicity, reproductive and developmental toxicity, organ toxicity and environmental toxicity.

Our innovative solutions allow researchers to combine their own proprietary data with publicly-curated toxicity databases. Clients searching our toxicity databases can access well over 500,000 toxicology studies for more than 200,000 chemicals, enabling fast, accurate, defendable and regulatory accepted predictions.