Instem provides advanced and best-in-class IT solutions and services to the global health and life sciences community. Instem clients use our solutions to collect, analyse, report and submit quality data to agencies such as the US Food and Drug Administration, while helping them maintain regulatory compliance for their products in markets all around the world.

Instem solutions are also enabling clients to identify and reveal new insight from their data, reducing development timelines and costs and resulting in the generation of significant patent-protected revenue.

Instem supports organisations in the following sectors:

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Government Research
  • Chemical
  • Medical Device
  • Agrochemical
  • Academic Research

Drug Development Lifecycle

The Pharmaceutical industry is one of Instem’s key vertical markets. Instem’s pharmaceutical clients are progressing compounds through a funnel, which requires them to assess 5,000-10,000 different molecules for every successful drug brought to market.

Highlighted in light blue, Instem products and services cover more than half of the typical 15 year drug development process. For years 3-9 our software solutions support processes that are on the critical path to brining a drug to market.

Instem Solutions across the R&D Lifecycle