Study Management

Instem’s study management solutions empower organisations of all sizes to more efficiently collect, review and manage preclinical safety evaluation study data. Our leading solutions in this area include:

Provantis logo

The Provantis solution incorporates a comprehensive suite of modules required for managing and recording Early Development Safety Assessment (EDSA) studies, from receipt of the compound through to the automated assembly of statistical analyses and final reports. The software allows scientific staff to collect, analyse and share data across the organisation and externally.

This product streamlines traditional paper or spreadsheet based workflow with intuitive functionality enforcing best practice, reducing the potential for errors and providing documented validation at every step.

Provantis can be installed locally or accessed through the Instem Cloud and our ‘Software-as-a-Service’ (“SaaS”) delivery model which is in use by organisations of all sizes, but one that is particularly attractive to smaller customers.

Using SaaS, the Provantis software is delivered securely from centralised data centres located in Shanghai and the US over dedicated networks or via the internet. Instem has partners that provide the ongoing systems administration and infrastructure required to maintain the system on a 24 hours a day, 365 days a year basis.

Genetic Toxicology logosGenetic Toxicology Solutions

To understand cancer it is necessary to explore the cellular changes that turn a normal cell into a malignant cell that repeatedly and uncontrollably divides. This transformation occurs when there is genetic damage or an alteration in the structure of a cell's DNA.

Originally developed by Perceptive Instruments and now operating as part of Instem, our genetic toxicology solutions are deployed in over 50 countries at leading universities and research institutes, as well as supporting various government programs such as those at the National Center for Toxicological Research, a Food & Drug Administration division. Our products also serve many small and medium-sized companies along with most of today’s leading multinational life sciences organisations, including all of the top 10 pharmaceutical companies worldwide.


Acquired in September, 2016, NOTOCORD provides software solutions for data acquisition and analysis in preclinical studies and is a recognised leader in cardiovascular, respiratory, electrophysiology and nervous system research areas. NOTOCORD solutions are used by pharmaceutical companies, contract research laboratories, hospitals and academic research centres around the world.

NOTOCORD is a well-respected name in the life sciences software market and its solutions are used every day by top scientists for new drug development research within discovery, safety pharmacology and toxicology studies. Its most widely known solution, NOTOCORD-hem™, is a leading telemetry-based safety pharmacology data collection & analysis system used in preclinical studies.


Early Phase I clinical studies are conducted with their focus on the future, in hopes of finding safer or more effective methods to screen for, prevent, diagnose, or treat a variety of diseases.

Logos Technologies, acquired by Instem in May 2013 and now operating as Instem Clinical, has been at the forefront of early phase clinical trials for over a decade with its ALPHADAS Electronic Data Capture (EDC) solution suite. ALPHADAS is being successfully utilised across four continents and is proven to improve operational efficiencies, reduce trial times, enhance data quality and protocol compliance while offering real-time data for sponsors.

ALPHADAS can be installed on-site or clients can use Instem’s SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) model to access ALPHADAS offering simpler, more cost effective ways to provide software functionality, maintenance, and support over the Internet.