Instem has a growing stream of high margin, annuity-style revenues and has been investing in a number of organic growth initiatives that have contributed to the acceleration of its growth trajectory over the last several years. An example is the group’s leadership in the preclinical standards market, specifically the FDA’s adopted Standard for Exchange of Nonclinical Data, also known as SEND. Through the introduction of its platform of software and services, more than 45 client sites across 15 countries have adopted Instem’s submit™ solution, more than all competing vendors combined. Instem has attracted many new and first-time clients, but has also enabled the group to generate additional revenues from its existing Provantis users.

The Group is ideally placed to continue advancement of its mission to create a more connected ecosystem in the life sciences by consolidating a fragmented vendor marketplace. Potential acquisition targets include direct competitors, related technology and outsourced service providers in the areas of workflow/study management, data acquisition and analysis, modelling/predictive technologies, regulatory management and administrative solutions.


Since 2011 the Group has acquired 8 businesses – BioWisdom, Logos Technologies, Perceptive Instruments, Samarind Ltd and NOTOCORD, Leadscope, The Edge and d-wise. Such acquisitions consolidate the Group’s market position, complement its existing products, provide access to adjacent markets and increase efficiencies in the vertical supply chain.

As these companies integrate into the Instem group, the combined efficiencies and capabilities have allowed the group to become a uniquely positioned vendor for its clients.

As clients experience many challenges including patent expiry, soaring costs, heightened competition, squeezed margins and mounting regulatory pressures, Instem stands as their trusted advisor across a wider area of application.

The relentless drive for productivity in the life sciences is at an all-time high. Instem is helping produce better results for each and every one of our clients – read some of their testimonies below:

“Instem is so much more than a vendor, they have become a strategic partner and we are excited they are part of the technology-driven transformation we are embarking upon.”
“Following a thorough evaluation of several software solutions, and after visiting with clients of each vendor under consideration, it was clear that the Instem solution would not only be replacing our existing system, but was the one solution that would truly be providing us with the platform we need to help our clients succeed.”
“We selected Instem’s Provantis solution to function as our preclinical software to improve operational efficiencies, and to guide and support our strategic growth initiatives. Tasks that used to take hours, now take minutes and the benefits don’t stop there. Due to the success of Provantis, we have also turned to Instem as our exclusive provider of tools for ensuring complete FDA SEND compliance.”
“The purchase of Provantis aligns with our comprehensive strategy to address the outsourcing needs of the burgeoning Australian and global market. Provantis will help us to do both of these things as we continue to tackle the growing need for GLP compliant services in the Australian biopharmaceutical market.”
“We see Instem as a collaborative partner for outsourced SEND Services. They’re easy to work with, knowledgeable and responsive. Instem produces a high quality result that has exceeded our—and our clients’—expectations.”
“ALPHADAS is being successfully utilised across four continents and is proven to improve operational efficiencies, reduce trial times, enhance data quality and protocol compliance while offering real-time data for sponsors. The clinical experience of their team was very reassuring and compelling, and they were the one supplier that could demonstrate a clear understanding of our objectives.”