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08 Oct '10 Admission Document PDF 901kb

At the time of publication of the admission document dated 8 October 2010 (the “Admission Document”), to the best of the knowledge and belief of the then directors of Instem Life Science Systems plc, who had taken all reasonable care to ensure that this was the case, the information contained in such document was in accordance with the facts and nothing was omitted which was likely to affect the importance of the information.

The Admission Document and other circulars sent to shareholders which are made available on this site (the “Shareholder Documents”) have not been updated or changed in any way since issue and they are included here solely as a document of record. It is the sole responsibility of any reader or user of the Shareholder Documents viewed or downloaded from the link above or of any information contained therein to appraise themselves of any changes in Instem Life Science Systems plc’s material position since issue. None of the Shareholder Documents constitute an offer to sell securities and must not be used for this purpose.