New In Silico Software Release

22 November 2021

Instem plc
(“Instem”or the “Company”)

New In Silico Software Release

Enhanced Informatics Software Boosting Client Offering and Revenue Streams

Instem plc (AIM: INS), a leading provider of IT solutions to the global life sciences market, announces the release of the latest edition of its Leadscope Model Applier computational toxicology software solution. This release includes a comprehensive package of new and updated models to meet the growing market demand for in silico solutions and is expected to create the following opportunities for Instem:

  • New routes to market
  • Increased revenue streams
  • Strengthened in silico offering
  • Increased regulatory-backed solutions

The core software capabilities have been enhanced significantly, enabling clients to deploy a unique, highly-differentiated solution developed with considerable regulatory and industry collaboration. The new software brings compelling benefits; reducing the time to bring products to market, the risk of costly later stage R&D failure and use of animal experimentation.

The software includes four new chargeable models. These include a first-to-market Bioactivation Profiler, which was developed in conjunction with regulators and industry. Additionally, the new Abuse Liability Profiler is believed to be the first commercial in silico tool in the market, further differentiating Instem from its competitors and broadening routes to market.

Renowned for its advanced informatics and prediction technology, together with comprehensive database solutions, Instem’s in silico solutions enable organizations around the world to effectively unlock valuable knowledge contained in both public and proprietary sources of research data. Clients can also access well over 500,000 toxicology studies for more than 200,000 chemicals, enabling fast, accurate, defendable and regulatory-accepted predictions.

Dr. Glenn Myatt, VP Informatics of Instem plc, said: “The 2021 software release supports the continued global demand for reliable alternatives to traditional testing methods. Industry and regulators alike are increasingly recognizing the huge benefits of computational toxicology approaches and we are seeing strong and sustained growth in the acceptance and adoption of in silico methods.

This latest software release enables existing and prospective clients to accelerate their drug discovery and development processes by ensuring fast, accurate, defendable and regulatory accepted predictions for an increasing range of applications.”

Phil Reason, CEO of Instem plc, said: “We are delighted to have released this new 2021 software. This update further consolidates Instem’s position as the leading provider of alternative testing methods, delivering powerful new in silico models and first-to-market capabilities.

Since acquiring Leadscope in November 2019, we have seen compound annual growth rates for their software subscriptions of c.17% and pay-per-use growth of 21% per annum.  These new predictive models provide further opportunity for revenue expansion.”

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About Instem

Instem is a leading provider of IT solutions & services to the life sciences market delivering compelling solutions for Study Management and Data Collection; Regulatory Solutions for Submissions and Compliance; and Informatics-based Insight Generation.

Instem solutions are in use by over 700 customers worldwide, including all the largest 25 pharmaceutical companies, enabling clients to bring life enhancing products to market faster. Instem's portfolio of software solutions increases client productivity by automating study-related processes while offering the unique ability to generate new knowledge through the extraction and harmonisation of actionable scientific information.

Instem products and services address aspects of the entire drug development value chain, from discovery through to market launch. Management estimate that over 50% of all drugs on the market have been through some part of Instem's platform at some stage of their development.

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About Leadscope

Founded in 1997, Leadscope is based in Columbus, Ohio, USA and is a leading provider of in silico safety assessment software used to enhance and accelerate life sciences research and development. Developed, in part, through several Research Collaboration Agreements ("RCAs") with the US Food & Drug Administration ("FDA"), its solutions use a database of over 500,000 toxicity studies for over 200,000 chemicals covering all major potential safety-related risks.  

Provided on a subscription or pay-per-use basis, Leadscope's software employs sophisticated artificial intelligence and machine-learning algorithms to predict potential safety outcomes and to enable scientists to perform expert reviews. Deployed as Software-as-a-Service, or on client premises, Leadscope's software allows clients to extract knowledge from both public data and their own proprietary sources.  Commencing in early 2021, access to the Leadscope technology was additionally made available through a new Predictâ„¢ service.